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VPS Cloud 1

1024MB RAM
200GB SAN Storage
100GB Bandwidth
US$159 .99 /M

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(Saving: US$159.99)

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VPS Cloud 2

2048MB RAM
200GB SAN Storage
200GB Bandwidth
US$272 .56 /M

or class="hideAU">US$3,099.99/Y

(Saving: US$170.73)

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VPS Cloud 4

4096MB RAM
200GB SAN Storage
400GB Bandwidth
US$309 .99 /M

or class="hideAU">US$3,409.89/Y

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VPS Cloud 8

8192MB RAM
200GB SAN Storage
800GB Bandwidth
US$395 .21 /M

or class="hideAU">US$4,347.31/Y

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